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Oracle Books Database Performance Tuning and Optimization: With Examples from Oracle 8i
By: Sitansu S. Mittra
Hardcover: 512 pages (December 13, 2002)
Springer Verlag Pub (Computer Bks)

Examples abound in database applications of well-formulated queries running slowly, even if all levels of the database are properly tuned. It is essential to address each level separately by focusing first on underlying principles and root causes, and only then proposing both theoretical and practical solutions. "Database Performance Tuning and Optimization" provides comprehensive coverage of database performance tuning using Oracle 8i and select 9i examples as the RDBMS. The coverage contains b oth theoretical discussions dealing with principles and methodology as well as actual SQL scripts to implement the methods. The book combines theory with practical tools (in the form of Oracle and Unix shell scripts) to address the tuning and optimization issues of DBAs and developers, irrespective of whether they use Oracle. Readers not using Oracle can implement the essential principles via scripts of their own written for the RDBMS used by them.

Oracle Books Oracle8i DBA: Architecture & Administration Certification Bible
By: Damir Bersinic, Todd Ross, Yury Sabinin
Hardcover: 1100 pages 1st edition (December 15, 2001)
John Wiley & Sons

This book delivers comprehensive coverage of exam objectives, presented according to Oracle's certification guide. Because Oracle's exam scoring provides section scores according to exact objectives, this organization of the book allows you to refocus. Each exam objective is covered in a chapter complete with self-assessment opportunities. Four appendices include a listing and description of Oracle's initialization parameters and other elements to be tested on the exam. These appendices provide information useful post-exam in real-work implementation of Oracle Systems.

Oracle Books Mastering Oracle8i
By: Robert G. Freeman, Mark D. Blomber, Mark D. Blomberg
Paperback: 1200 pages Bk & Cd-Rom edition (December 13, 2001)

Massive in size, comprehensive in scope, and unfortunately quite dry in tone, Mastering Oracle 8i has the answers you need if you're working with the Oracle 8i database management system. The authors, one of whom holds an Oracle certification, go into considerable detail on the procedures to be followed for administrative tasks like backing up data, rolling back transactions, and configuring monitoring schemes. They usually share their thoughts on when and why you'd want to put the procedures to use, as well. Better yet, they go beyond everyday administrative work to cover subjects like materialized views, advanced user management, and performance-tuning techniques. There's some discussion of hooks for software developers, as well. The authors' approach is to take a feature of the Oracle 8i environment--locks, say--and explain what purpose it serves, then break it down into component types with more detailed explanations. From there, the authors provide the commands and codes for view ing and manipulation of the feature, often with extensive tables. The really useful information comes next, in the form of sections on how to deal with related problems. The section on locks, for example, shows how to zero in on blocking locks. Other excellent coverage deals with how to dimension hardware, while a commendable section explains the object-oriented features of Oracle 8i.

Oracle Books Oracle8i DBA: Performance Tuning Exam Cram: Exam: 1Z0-024
By: Zulfiqer Habeeb, Michael R. Ault
Paperback - 448 pages 1st edition (October 15, 2001)
The Coriolis Group

Oracle 8i Performance and Tuning Exam Cram is the most recognized, and highly focused, exam preparation product available to professionals gearing up for the Oracle 8i Network Administration exam (1Z0-024). The book's well organized, concise layout provides thorough coverage of test content and objectives like describing Oracle Alert and Trace files, tuning the Shared Pool and Buffer Cache.

Oracle Books Oracle8i DBA: Backup and Recovery Exam Cram: Exam: 1Z0-025
By: Debbie Wong
Paperback - 448 pages 1st edition (September 10, 2001)
The Coriolis Group

Oracle 8i Backup and Recovery Exam Cram is the most recognized, and highly focused, exam preparation product available to professionals gearing up for the Oracle 8i Backup and Recovery exam (1Z0-025). The book's well organized, concise layout provides thorough coverage of test content and objectives like using Oracle export and import utilities, understanding utilities for troubleshooting, describing Oracle recovery catalog creation and maintenance, and configuring an Oracle standby database. In cludes the supportive Exam Cram features of helpful hints and tips, test taking strategies, realistic case studies, and challenging practice questions.

Oracle Books Oracle 8i and Java: From Client Server to E-Commerce
By: Elio Bonazzi, Glenn Stokol
Paperback - 1232 pages CD-ROM edition (June 22, 2001)
Prentice Hall

This book/CD-ROM shows how to use programming tools to bring databases to the Internet using the new integration between Java and Oracle. Coverage includes Oracle object-relational databases and the SQL language, Oracle PL/SQL and Java stored procedures, middleware, and Java components in the database. Material is written from a software developer's perspective, but will be of interest to application designers and system architects as well. Assumes background in Java and SQL. The CD-ROM contains sample code from the book for Linux/UNIX, Windows, and MacOS. Bonazzi develops performance monitoring tools for Java. Stokol is a Java trainer in the private sector. Oracle 8i and Java: From Client Server to E-Commerce

Oracle Books OCP: Oracle8i DBA Virtual Test Center
By: Sybex (Editor)
CD-ROM 1ST edition (May 18, 2001)

Test your knowledge with exclusive software to prepare you for all five OCP Oracle8i DBA exams. --Contains 1000 questions in a tough adaptive format with a unique benchmarking feature to help you identify weak areas. --Delivers four sample exams for each test and is a great companion to the Sybex OCP: Oracle8i Study Guides.

Oracle Books Practical Oracle 8i: Building Efficient Databases
By: Jonathan Lewis
Paperback - 640 pages 1st edition (January 15, 2001)
Addison-Wesley Publishing

A lot of books seem to give canned explanations of how oracle works - geared towards rote memorization as opposed to understanding. This book does a great job of taking the next step. For example, The detail with which the author goes through the process of how updating a row actually works in an Oracle database was tremendous. His explanation of how a select statement could actually cause a row to be marked as committed ( i.e. a read causes a write ) was great. I've only been a DBA (or pseudo-D BA) for about 6 months now, so I'm certainly no expert in this area. Yet I found all of his explanations very clear and easy to understand. If you're looking for a new Oracle book, get this one.

Oracle Books OCP: Oracle8i DBA Certification Kit
By: Chip Dawes, Biju Thomas, Joe Johnson, Matthew Weishan, Doug Stuns
Hardcover Book & CD edition (December 18, 2000)

Boxed set certification kit for the Oracle 8i DBA exams, numbers 1Z0-001, 1Z0-023, 1Z0-024, 1Z0-025, and 1Z0-026. Includes three study guide texts, each with its own CD-ROM. Each includes custom testing engines with hundreds of sample questions, electronic flashcards for PC and Palm devices, and other helpful features.

Oracle Books Oracle8i Certified Professional DBA Certification Exam Guide
By: Ulrike Schwinn, Jason S. Couchman, Jeremy Judson
Hardcover - 1200 pages 1st edition Vol 1 (December 15, 2000)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Prepare to pass All Five exams required for OCP DBA Certification. The only OCP DBA exam guide officially authorized by Oracle Corporation, this book/CD-ROM package offers comprehensive coverage of all five required exams: 1Z0-001: SQL and PL/SQL, 1Z0-023: Database Administration, 1Z0-025: Backup/Recovery, 1Z0-024: Tuning, 1Z0-026: Net8 Administration

Oracle Books Professional Oracle 8i Application Programming with Java, PL/SQL and XML
By: Guy Ruth-Haymond, Glenn E. Mitchell II, Kevin Mukhar, Gary Nicol, Daniel O'Connor, ...
Paperback - 1200 pages (December 2000)
Wrox Press

Oracle Corporation has broadened its development platform, integrating open standards such as Java and XML into the heart of the Oracle 8i database. This extended programming environment continues to exploit the qualities of scalability, reliability and efficiency of the world's most successful data management software, but at the same time it provides new challenges and opportunities to programmers. This book shows you how to develop enterprise PL/SQL applications exploiting Java and XML, and h ow technologies such as EJBs can be moved to the 8i database. You'll work through case studies using a mix of both familiar and unfamiliar tools and languages, showing you how the various programming approaches can enhance each other.

Oracle Books Oracle8i Backup & Recovery
By: Rama Velpuri, Anand Adkoli, George Williams
Paperback - 695 pages 1st edition (November 14, 2000)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Data is king in today's Internet economy. It is ESSENTIAL that companies protect and maintain corporate and customer data. Includes information that every Oracle administrator and programmer must know in order to maximize uptime and recover data without compromising mission critical systems. The only book available on this critical topic. Includes actual corporate scenarios and case-studies.

Oracle Books OCP: Oracle8i DBA Architecture & Administration and Backup & Recovery Study Guide
By: Doug Stuns, Biju Thomas, Greg Hobbs
Hardcover - 845 pages 1st edition (November 2000)

The DBA (database administrator) track is the most popular, with more than 8,000 DBAs being certified each year. Sybex's OCP DBA Study Guides provide complete coverage of exam objectives for the five exams in the DBA track: SQL and PL/SQL, Database Administration, Backup & Recovery, Performance Tuning, and Network Administration. The books are fully up-to-date for Oracle8i and include all the new features of Sybex's best-selling Study Guides. The companion CDs contain exclusive self-testing software. The DBO (database operator) exam is a new offering from Oracle, which prepares students for the full DBA track. It is fully supported by Oracle's partners: Sun, Novell, Compaq, and HP. Sybex's Study Guide provides complete coverage of the exam objectives and includes a companion CD with exclusive self-testing software.

Oracle Books Oracle8i and Unix Performance Tuning
By: Ahmed Alomari
Paperback - 415 pages 1st edition (September 15, 2000)
Prentice Hall

The purpose of this book is to share my experiences in the areas of UNIX and Oracle performance and tuning. The chapters of this book provide a tremendous level of detail on the internal workings of the Oracle and UNIX kernels. The purpose of including so much detail is to give the reader a complete understanding of Oracle and UNIX. It is this understanding that will enable the reader to apply these concepts to specific applications and/or user environments, thus enabling the reader to maximize the performance of his or her environment. It is a key characteristic of this book that only the latest versions of Oracle and UNIX are discussed, such as Oracle8i and Solaris 8. This will enable the reader to focus on the functionality and enhancements of the new versions, avoiding discussion of old releases. Another characteristic of this book is that I have organized it into two major areas: data warehousing and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP). This edition of the book places more of an emphasis on application tuning since the application has the most control over the overall performance and scalability. It is important that the application be well designed and highly optimized. Recommended prerequisites for this book are a basic understanding of SQL, UNIX shell language, and experience with UNIX system and Oracle database administration.

Oracle Books Essential Oracle8i Data Warehousing: Designing, Building, and Managing Oracle Data Warehouses
By: Gary Dodge, Tim Gorman, W. H. Inmon
Paperback - 928 pages 2 edition (September 6, 2000)
John Wiley & Sons

A soup-to-nuts guide to building and managing high-performance Oracle8i data warehouses In an effort to help companies manage what Information Week has referred to as the "Web Data Deluge," Oracle has released Oracle8i (the "i" stands for "Internet"), a major upgrade to their flagship database product that provides powerful new data warehousing capabilities. In this updated and expanded edition of their critically acclaimed Oracle8 Data Warehousing, Gary Dodge and Tim Gorman provide database dev elopers and administrators with complete, detailed coverage of all they need to know to build and manage a fast, high-performance data warehouse using the Oracle8i technology. Step-by-step, they cover all the bases, including designing a data warehouse for optimum performance, building a data warehouse, loading data into the data warehouse, improving warehouse performance with aggregate data, and administering data warehouse performance.

Oracle Books OCP: Oracle8i DBA Performance Tuning and Network Administration Study Guide
By: Joseph C. Johnson, Matthew Weishan, Joe Johnson
Hardcover - 848 pages (September 1, 2000)

Oracle Books Ocp: Oracle8i DBA Sql and PL/SQL Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-001
By: Chip Dawes, Biju Thomas
Hardcover - 544 pages (September 2000)

Oracle Books Oracle8i Networking 101
By: Marlene L. Theriault
Paperback - 553 pages 1st edition (August 25, 2000)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Teaches beginners the essentials of running Oracle8i on a network, and advises IT managers and security administrators on a full complement of industry-compliant features designed to protect against security hazards. The only title yet published explicitly on Oracle8i Networking. Integrates Oracle servers with network services and Internet services, including advanced networking and security options. Covers integration of Oracle into the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE). (Osborne) Explain s how interactions over a network take place. Describes the hardware and software required, and how all the components interface to produce successful communications between computers and databases. Contains step-by-step procedures illustrated by screen shots. Details on Internet protocols and network encryption are included.

Oracle Books Oracle8i for Linux Starter Kit
By: Steve Bobrowski
Paperback - 478 pages (August 17, 2000)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

From the official publisher of Oracle Press books comes this complete book/CD-ROM package for deploying and running Oracle8i on the Linux platform. You'll get step-by-step details on installation, customization, administration, and troubleshooting. Plus, the CD-ROM contains the official version of Oracle8i for Linux and Enterprise Manager. You'll get everything you need to get up and running on Oracle8i for Linux. (Osborne) Provides the user with everything needed to get started using Oracle8i o n the Linux platform. Provides a collection of tutorials and step-by-step guidelines that provides the user with key concepts and hands-on experience necessary to install and deploy Oracle8i on Linux.

Oracle Books Oracle8i: The Complete Reference
By: Kevin Loney, George K. Koch
Hardcover - 1308 pages (May 23, 2000)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Provides a comprehensive understanding of database development on the Internet. DBAs will benefit from coverage on the Web Development environment usage and the Internet File System (IFS) feature. Describes the scalable, integrated and robust Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which allows DBAs to write, store, and execute Java code. CD-ROM offers scripts and codes from the book.

Oracle Books Oracle8i DBA Bible
By: Jonathan Gennick, Carol McCullough-Dieter, Gerrit-Jan Linker
Paperback - 1113 pages Bk & Cd Rom edition (April 2000)
Hungry Minds

Oracle 8i is packed with new features, including an embedded Java Virtual Machine, expanded data warehousing capabilities, and enhanced DBA tools. This comprehensive guide shows you step-by-step how to make the most of this improved functionality - and master the day-to-day tools and challenges of Oracle database administration. From SQL Plus basics and performance-tuning options to recovery tips and WebDB strategies, Oracle 8i DBA Bible is all you need to optimize a database and keep it running smoothly.

Oracle Books E-Commerce Applications Using Oracle8i and Java From Scratch (From Scratch)
By: Meghraj Thakkar, Jesse Liberty
Paperback - 400 pages 1 edition (March 27, 2000)

Thakkar, a software engineer for Quest, shows how to create a web- enabled database application using the Java features of Oracle8i, reviewing the issues in such a project and suggesting ideas for using the Internet capabilities of Oracle8i to resolve those issues. An online coffee shop is used as an example project throughout the book to demonstrate analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment. In Building e-Commerce Database Applications Using Oracle8i and Java from scratch, Meghra j Thakkar takes novice web programmers through the process of creating a web-enabled database application. You will look at the requirements, analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment of an "Online Coffee Shop" from scratch. You will also learn to create database objects (tables and indexes), populate the database, and use SQL, PL/SQL and Java to manipulate the data. e-Commerce Applications Using Oracle8i and Java From Scratch (From Scratch)

Oracle Books Oracle8i: Java Components
By: Nirva Morisseau-Leroy, Martin K. Solomon, Julie Basu
Paperback - 697 pages CD-ROM edition (January 15, 2000)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Covers two of the most popular server-side component models: Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). Cutting-edge topics--full details on generating Java Server Pages (JSP) with Java Servlets. Expert, authoritative authors, including product manager of JSP at Oracle. Bonus CD-ROM contains ready-to-run scripts and Java applications. A comprehensive reference for developing Java software components for the Oracle 8i database. The CD-ROM contains SQL sc ripts to create Purchase Order and Observation schemas as well as all of the source code from the text. Softcover.

Oracle Books Scaling Oracle8i: Building Highly Scalable OLTP System Architectures
By: James Morle
Paperback - 544 pages (December 17, 1999)
Addison-Wesley Publishing

As open systems continue to replace traditional mainframe systems, system scalability is becoming an increasingly important topic. Although far more flexible than mainframe systems, open systems applications tend to be less reliable and more difficult to scale. There is no cookbook approach to solving this challenge: A thorough understanding of the technologies involved is essential for designing scalable solutions that meet long-term business needs. Scaling Oracle8i(tm) offers valuable insights and techniques for designing reliable and scalable online transaction processing (OLTP) applications using Oracle. This book focuses on providing the in-depth information about Oracle and the underlying hardware required to build systems that scale effectively. You will find coverage of relevant hardware and I/O operation; benchmark and database monitoring systems; Oracle internals, operation, and implementation; and UNIX operating system issues that impact Oracle performance and scalability.

Oracle Books Oracle8i Web Development
By: Bradley D. Brown, Brad Brown
Paperback - 1119 pages (December 16, 1999)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Oracle delivers unprecedented ease-of-use, power and performance for e-commerce applications - and Oracle8i is the database for Internet computing. 80% of all Web sites use Oracle as a back-end. Contains time-saving, undocumented methods for developing Internet application using Oracle and Oracle Application Server. Packed with hundreds of real-world examples and insider secrets compiled from TUSC's standing-room-only conference presentations and Oracle user Groups worldwide.

Oracle Books Oracle8i for Windows NT Starter Kit
By: Steve Bobrowski
Paperback - 481 pages (November 17, 1999)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Oracle 8i - The Database for Internet Computing. The new release of the Oracle database, Oracle8i, provides the industry's most complete and innovative platform for building and deploying Internet and enterprise applications. Oracle technology is already used by many global Internet brands, such as Yahoo!, Excite, and Egghead, and the release of Oracle8i will cement Oracle's position as the leader for e-commerce solutions. New to Oracle Press - the new Starter Kit line of titles will serve as tu rnkey solutions for Oracle database technology. Standard Starter Kit elements will include: Complete coverage of installation, administration, and troubleshooting. Actual, fullyabled Oracle product on CD-ROM. Oracle8i for Windows NT Provides all the features needed to run a business on Windows NT for enterprise-wide deployment. The ideal self-contained book/disk learning tool for Oracle DBAs deploying Oracle8i in the Windows NT platform. Covers ORacle fundamentals, planning and installing Oracle 8i, PL/SWL, objects, backup and recovery, and more.

Oracle Books Oracle8i SQLJ Programming
By: Nirva Morisseau-Leroy, Martin K. Solomon, Gerald P. Momplaisir, Thomas Kurian, Edward Griffin
Paperback - 557 pages (November 5, 1999)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

SQL/J is the new standard tool emerging from Oracle - in conjunction with IBM and Tandem - for developing Java database applications using less Java code. First to market - we'll provide the ultimate resource for Oracle database developers looking to simplify the process of creating Java applications. Step-by-step details on using SQLJ in the Oracle8i environment, including real-world case studies demonstrating SQLJ's practical applications. Create powerful portable applications with SQLJ. Enabl e Java to go where it's never gone before! Oracle8i SQLJ Programming explains in detail how to implement SQLJ--the new standard for embedding static SQL directly into Java programs. With SQLJ, you'll use less code and get enhanced portability, compile-time checking, and so much more. This authoritative guide shows you how to create cross-platform, distributed, and Web-enabled applications designed specifically for Oracle8i.

Oracle Books Oracle Essentials: Oracle8 and Oracle8i
By: Rick Greenwald, Jonathan Stern, Robert Stackowiak
Paperback - 355 pages (November 1999)
O'Reilly & Associates

The Oracle relational database management system (RDBMS) is an enormous system, with myriad technologies, options, and releases. Most users -- even experienced developers and database administrators -- find it difficult to get a handle on the full scope of the Oracle system. And as each new version of the database is released, users find themselves under increasing pressure to learn about a whole range of new technologies. This book distills the enormous amount of information about what Oracle i s, where it came from, and what the latest releases (Oracle8 and Oracle8i) do -- and packages it into a compact, easy-to-read volume filled with focused text, illustrations, and helpful hints for DBAs and developers. It explains what is new and important about Oracle's revolutionary releases, Oracle8 (the "object-relational database") and Oracle8i (the "Internet database"). It covers such topics as overall system products, architecture, and data structures; installation, management, security, ba ckup and recovery, and tuning issues; and specific Oracle technologies such as data warehouses, online transaction processing (OLTP), and the system's interfaces to the Web.

Oracle Books Oracle 8i Data Warehousing
By: Lilian Hobbs, Susan Hillson
Paperback - 400 pages (November 1999)
Digital Press

Two members of the Oracle8i summary management development team explain how to design, implement, and administer data warehouses and data marts using the new Oracle8i database program. Dimension and fact tables, indexes, partitions, materialized views, and the Oracle discoverer, express, time series and enterprise manager are all discussed.

Oracle Books Oracle 8i Administration and Management
By: Michael R. Ault
Paperback - 1024 pages Bk & CD-ROM edition (October 20, 1999)
John Wiley & Sons

Oracle database administrators always have plenty on their plate. Oracle8i Administration and Management comes to the rescue with lots of guidance in creating and maintaining Oracle databases and keeping them running at top performance. This is the latest revision of the DBA guide that has previously covered Oracle7 and, more recently, Oracle8. This update adds full coverage of Oracle 8i and includes an integrated discussion of the new version's object-oriented additions to the popular SQL data base product. Author Michael R. Ault meticulously goes through the topics administrators care about most, presenting a detailed discussion of the underlying architectural details. By organizing chapters according to administrative functions, such as "Tuning Oracle Applications" and "Database Internals Tuning," Ault has created a text that is quite handy for on-the-spot reference. A number of useful appendices on the companion CD-ROM offer plenty of useful management tidbits, as well as all of t he code scripts used in the book and demonstration versions of management utilities.

Oracle Books Oracle8i DBA Handbook
By: Kevin Loney, Marlene L. Theriault
Paperback - 979 pages (October 12, 1999)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

A thorough overhaul of the previous edition - widely considered the Oracle DBA "bible" - wth full coverage of all the new Oracle8i features. Covers everything the administrator needs to know to effectively manage a robust, peak-performance Oracle8i database. Explains how to configure Oracle to be accessed through a firewall from a DBA's perspective. "Solutions" sections illustrates - with annotations - how to implement the techniques described in each chapter. Maintain a robust, mission-critical Oracle8i database - the most manageable Web-enabled enterprise database system available. Oracle8i DBA Handbook provides high-end administrative solutions for the day-to-day DBA. Inside, you'll learn to set up a database for maximum efficiency, monitor it, tune it, and maintain its security.

Oracle Books Oracle PL/SQL Programming: Guide to Oracle8i Features
By: Steven Feuerstein
Paperback - 248 pages (October 1999)
O'Reilly & Associates

Oracle8i, the long-awaited "Internet database" from Oracle Corporation, is finally in production, and it offers a wide array of powerful features, including Web and Java technologies inside the database. The Oracle Internet File System (iFS), a Java Virtual Machine in the database, JDeveloper (a Java integrated development environment), Java stored procedures, the WebDB and interMedia tools, and much more, are now available to Oracle developers. And these developers are starting to realize how m uch they have to learn. This book is a companion to Steven Feuerstein's bestselling Oracle PL/SQL Programming (the second edition of that book is current for Oracle8). The companion book provides a very helpful transition for PL/SQL developers who are new to Oracle8i. It describes the new PL/SQL features available in Oracle8i (e.g., autonomous transactions, the invoker rights model, native dynamic SQL, and bulk binds and collects). It also covers features that allow PL/SQL developers to interfac e with Java and to do Web-based development. In addition, it includes a host of performance improvements available in PL/SQL under Oracle8i.

Oracle Books Oracle8i Internal Services: For Waits, Latches, Locks, and Memory
By: Steve Adams
Paperback - 120 pages 2nd edition (October 1999)
O'Reilly & Associates

Advanced performance tuning with Oracle involves unraveling the mysteries of the SQL database's inner workings. Oracle8i Internal Services for Waits, Latches, Locks, and Memory peels back several layers of the Oracle onion to reveal how things really work. While the author claims his quest to get to the bottom of Oracle still continues, this book is a snapshot of his current knowledge of the performance-critical internals. The book's title tells the whole story about its content. It focuses on waits, latches, locks, and memory allocation because they have a dramatic effect on overall performance. Each of these topics is presented separately, with explanations of how each works under the hood and what can be done to optimize it. Although the title offers plenty of architectural explanation, a solid foundation into Oracle 8i release 8.1 (the version addressed by the author) is a prerequisite for understanding this text. The presentation includes few diagrams. Instead, the author makes a special effort to list relevant Oracle parameters and their descriptions in tables, as well as examples of statistics that can be used in optimization. This is a guide for advanced administrators already on a solid footing with Oracle8i and offers plenty of insight into the crucial undocumented aspects of the relational database.