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Oracle Books Hands-On Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for Windows
By: Steve Bobrowski
Paperback: 512 pages (July 10, 2006)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

These Starter Kits include the full distribution of Oracle Database 10g Express Edition on CD-ROM. Readers will learn to install the database on Windows and take full advantage of all of the powerful features. Tutorials and step-by-step guidelines throughout will equip you with the key concepts and hands-on experience necessary to get started using Oracle Database 10g Express Edition right away.

Oracle Books Special Ops: Host and Network Security for Microsoft, UNIX, and Oracle
By: Erik Pace Birkholz
Paperback: 784 pages (December 2002)
Syngress Media Inc

This book is designed to be the "one-stop shop" for security engineers who want all their information in one place. Content includes the newest vulnerabilities and exploits, assessment methodologies, host review guides, secure baselines, and case studies to bring it all together. Several security experts offer guidance on both technical and strategic subjects.

Oracle Books Oracle9i for Windows Handbook
By: Rama Velpuri, Anand Adkoli
Paperback: 528 pages 2 edition (April 19, 2002)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

This authorized guide from Oracle Press explains how to implement the Oracle9i Server on Windows NT/2000. You'll get details on operating system fundamentals, installation, and configuration, plus intermediate and advanced topics such as architecture, migration, clustering, parallel server

Oracle Books Oracle9i Development By Example
By: Dan Hotka
Paperback: 640 pages 1st edition (December 12, 2001)

Learn the ins and outs of the Oracle9i development environment from product installation to advanced management configuration. Oracle 9i Development by Example provides coverage of everything from building, monitoring, and tuning an Oracle9i database to building forms and reports using developer 6i to understanding newer tools such as Log Miner in an easy to learn format.

Oracle Books Windows Admin Scripting Little Black Book
By: Jesse M. Torres
Paperback - 400 pages Book edition (December 7, 2000)
The Coriolis Group

This concise book takes the reader through the very basics of scripting all the way up to advanced topics such as Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) and Windows Managment Instrumentation (WMI). Teaches the Windows administrator to quickly write complex scripts without requiring any expertise in programming. Explains commands and keywords, using Shell Scripting, KiXtart, and Windows Script Host (WSH) as the example scripting tools, while providing examples to illustrate functions. Illustr ates how to use scripting to perform user and group management, backups and scheduling, and make key security and registry changes for today's most popular programs(such as MSIE, Office, and anti-virus programs).

Oracle Books Windows 2000 Scripting Bible
By: William Robert Stanek
Paperback - 667 pages 1st edition (May 15, 2000)
Hungry Minds

Windows scripting gives you the power to automate most routine network tasks. This comprehensive guide shows you how to harness today's cutting-edge scripting techniques -- and double, triple, even quadruple your productivity as an administrator. From Windows Scripting Host fundamentals to nuts-and-bolts advice on scripts for user account configuration, data retrieval, system analysis, and more, master scripter William R. Stanek shows you step-by-step how to become a Windows scripting pro.

Oracle Books Windows Scripting Secrets
By: Tobias Weltner
Paperback - 751 pages (May 2000)
Hungry Minds

Windows scripting can automate almost any system task, enhance system and software functionality, and streamline network administration -- if you know what you're doing. Offering the most comprehensive Windows scripting coverage anywhere plus hundreds of ready-to-run scripting solutions on CD-ROM, this unique guide reveals the little-known scripting secrets that will take your productivity to a new level.

Oracle Books Scripting Windows 2000
By: Jeffrey Honeyman
Paperback - 444 pages (April 19, 2000)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Learn to manage, administer, and troubleshoot Windows 2000 using the Windows Script Host (WSH). This expertly written resource explains how to automate tedious tasks at the command line or from within the Windows GUI. You'll learn to implement the latest versions of VBScript, JScript, ADSI, and WMI and avoid commonly overlooked Windows 2000 pitfalls and scripting errors.

Oracle Books Windows NT/2000 ADSI Scripting for System Administration
By: Thomas Eck
Textbook Binding - 719 pages 1 edition (March 16, 2000)
New Riders Publishing

Microsoft Windows scripting support has taken off recently, and Thomas Eck has done a lot of useful work at the cutting edge of this technology. In Windows NT/2000 ADSI Scripting for System Administration, he documents the Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) as they apply to systems administrators interested in using Component Object Model (COM) objects written in Visual Basic to automate administrative tasks. Because this book is backed by such a considerable development effort, administ rators of large Windows NT and Windows 2000 networks will be able to put its ADSI solutions to profitable use immediately. Though he does provide a conceptual introduction to ADSI and the services implemented in Active Directory, Eck's book is all about code. Code listings appear in quantity. It's one recipe after another, collectively covering hundreds of administration tasks, with minimal commentary on each solution. After all, this is a book for system administrators, and the idea is that the y're not so much reading to become programmers as to see the assortment of tools they can use to solve problems.

Oracle Books Oracle8i for Windows NT Starter Kit
By: Steve Bobrowski
Paperback - 481 pages (November 17, 1999)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Oracle 8i - The Database for Internet Computing. The new release of the Oracle database, Oracle8i, provides the industry's most complete and innovative platform for building and deploying Internet and enterprise applications. Oracle technology is already used by many global Internet brands, such as Yahoo!, Excite, and Egghead, and the release of Oracle8i will cement Oracle's position as the leader for e-commerce solutions. New to Oracle Press - the new Starter Kit line of titles will serve as tu rnkey solutions for Oracle database technology. Standard Starter Kit elements will include: Complete coverage of installation, administration, and troubleshooting. Actual, fullyabled Oracle product on CD-ROM. Oracle8i for Windows NT Provides all the features needed to run a business on Windows NT for enterprise-wide deployment. The ideal self-contained book/disk learning tool for Oracle DBAs deploying Oracle8i in the Windows NT platform. Covers ORacle fundamentals, planning and installing Oracle 8i, PL/SWL, objects, backup and recovery, and more.

Oracle Books Windows NT Scripting Administrator's Guide
By: William R. Stane, William Robert Stanek
Paperback - 400 pages (October 1999)
Hungry Minds

The new Windows Scripting Host finally offers system and networks administrators a powerful means to automate many of their most common tasks. In this concise professional reference, expert author William Stanek introduces readers to this new feature and shows them how to put it to work with the VBScript or JScript scripting languages. In addition, Stanek thoroughly explains how to use the older Windows NT shell command language to automate tasks not yet possible with WSH. Parts 1 and 2 of the b ook introduce the reader to traditional batch scripting and the new Windows Scripting Host, a feature now found on Windows 98, Windows NT 4 Workstation and Windows NT Server 4. The book also introduces the reader to the two most-widely-used scripting languages on Windows platforms, VBScript and JScript, and shows how other popular languages, such as Perl, could be substituted. The remaining parts of the book show how to create scripts of increasing sophistication to solve common administrative p roblems on Windows 98 and Windows NT 4 Workstation clients, Windows NT 4 servers and networks of NT hosts.

Oracle Books Oracle8 Database Administration on Windows NT
By: Lynnwood Brown
Paperback - 400 pages (October 1998)
Prentice Hall

Written for database administrators, this text covers architecture, installation, tuning, security, networking, and the basics of application development with PL/SQL. Addressing the fundamental enhancements that have been made to Oracle7, this title covers installation of Oracle8 on the Windows NT platform. The CD-ROM contains a trial version of DBAWare, a database performance and analysis tool from MenloSoftware.

Oracle Books Windows NT Shell Scripting
By: Tim Hill
Textbook Binding - 400 pages (April 17, 1998)
Macmillan Technical Publishing

The command line isn't dead--far from it. Administrators of big Windows NT networks know that the best way to accomplish a difficult task frequently involves using the console interface rather than the graphical user interface. By writing batch routines, it's relatively easy to perform fancy tasks on local computers and distant ones. In Windows NT Shell Scripting, Tim Hill has done a service by explaining how to write and use scripts under Windows NT. He begins at the beginning, explaining what scripting is and how command lines come to exist under Windows NT. The reader gets full information on virtual DOS machines and how programs started by scripts are instantiated. There's also some useful information on redirecting script output--handy when using batch files to create HTML documents, for example.