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Oracle Books Oracle Database AJAX & PHP Web Application Development
By: Lee Barney, Michael McLaughlin
Paperback: 458 pages (February 21, 2008)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Deliver next-generation user capabilities and client-side services in your Oracle-based Web applications by combining the powerful features of AJAX and PHP. Written by Web 2.0 programming experts, Oracle Database AJAX & PHP Web Application Development shows you how to design faster, lighter, more responsive Web applications while reducing code support and creation time. You'll learn how to develop modular AJAX and PHP code, add dynamically updated content, and implement click-to-edit and dra g-and-drop functionality. You'll also get details on incorporating cutting-edge mashup, reporting, and communication features.

Oracle Books Beginning PHP and Oracle: From Novice to Professional
By: W. Jason Gilmore, Bob Bryla
Paperwork: 160 pages (August 24, 2007)

Beginning PHP and Oracle: From Novice to Professional offers comprehensive information on using the PHP scripting language in conjunction with Oracles database platform. PHP is one of the most prominent open source technologies in the area of web development, while Oracle is one of the most widely deployed and used database products. You'll learn to reap the benefits of these core technologies by using them in unison to create dynamic, data-driven web applications. The book is packed with pract ical examples based on the many years of real-world experience of authors W Jason Gilmore and Bob Bryla. This book is an ideal read for web designers or programmers wanting to create applications with PHP in an Oracle environment.

Oracle Books Oracle Database 10g Express Edition PHP Web Programming
By: Michael McLaughlin
Paperback: 512 pages (September 8, 2006)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

This book and CD-ROM package contains everything you need to get started programming on Oracle Database 10g Express Edition. Learn, hands-on, how to develop enterprise applications in PHP which run on Oracle Database 10g Express Edition. The CD-ROM includes a full version of Oracle Database 10g Express Edition with all of the code and solutions from the book.

Oracle Books Easy Oracle PHP: Create Dynamic Web Pages with Oracle Data
By: Mladen Gogala, Donald Burleson
Paperback: 350 pages (April 15, 2006)
Rampant Techpress

Simplifying the work of creating dynamic web pages with Oracle content is the focus of this guide, which provides working examples of connecting to Oracle and delivering data into an HTML page. It thoroughly details information on complex Oracle queries in PHP, updating Oracle from PHP, and passing parameters to a PHP program.

Oracle Books The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf (O'Reilly Linux)
By: Ellen Siever, Stephen Spainbour, Stephen Figgins, Jessica Hekman, O'Reilly Associates
Paperback - 812 pages 3rd Bk & cdr edition (September 2001)
O'Reilly & Associates

More and more, technology professionals are relying on the Web, online help, and other online information sources to solve their tough problems. Now O'Reilly's Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf gives you the same convenient online access to your favorite O'Reilly books - from your CD-ROM drive. The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf delivers the information power of six complete O'Reilly Animal Guides covering the best of the open source web platform. We've included unabridged versions of Running Linux, 3rd Edition; Linux in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition; Apache: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition; MySQL & mSQL; Programming the Perl DBI; and CGI Programming with Perl, 2nd Edition. As a bonus, you also get the new paperback version of Linux in a Nutshell. This confluence of open source technologies represents the platform of choice for developing and deploying high performance web applications. Apache, MySQL, and Perl/Python/PHP are the tools that make Linux a great applications development platfor m, especially for robust web applications that run on Linux servers. Never has it been easier to find what you need to know about Linux web servers online. Formatted in HTML, The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf can be accessed with any web browser. The books - all 3276 pages of O'Reilly reference and tutorials - are fully searchable and cross-referenced, so you can search the individual index for each book or the master index for the entire collection. With the CD Bookshelf, you have a complete li brary of technical books that you can easily carry with you anywhere you need it.

Oracle Books Professional Linux Programming
By: Neil Matthew and Richard Stones, Brad Clements, Christopher Browne, Andrew Froggatt, et al
Perfect Paperback - 1200 pages 1st edition (September 2000)
Wrox Press

By tapping the strengths of the open-source movement, developers can write custom Linux software without spending a dime on licensing fees. Aimed at the experienced C/C++ programmer, Professional Linux Programming provides a wide-ranging and hands-on guide to the different pieces of the puzzle that are required to program successfully on this exciting new platform. The book is framed as a case study for building a custom database program in Linux for a video rental store. After a tour of the re quirements and a brief look at project management for creating this software, the various Linux packages that are needed to implement this system are described, along with sample code, most of which is written in C. Some packages, such as the CVS version-control package, come with most distributions of Linux; others will require downloading additional software over the Internet. In every case, you're provided with the actual command-line arguments that are needed to install, configure, and run e ach package. Two prominent chapters take you on a tour of the essentials of other programming languages. There's PHP for Web development and an appealing, enthusiastic introduction to Python (which probably will turn you into a Python convert). Later chapters provide practical tips for testing and debugging applications, including how to profile your code. The book closes with a useful guide to creating Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) packages for deploying applications, as well as an overview of your options for internationalization.