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Oracle Books Web Development With Oracle Portal
By: Mohamed El-Mallah
Paperback - 800 pages Book/CD-ROM edition (October 12, 2001)
Prentice Hall

This is the first complete guide to building Web applications with Oracle Portal 3.0 for Windows NT/2000 and Linux. Oracle Portal specialist Mohamed El-Mallah covers the entire development lifecycle, from product installation through configuration, capacity planning, development, integration, deployment, and administration. Through a start-to-finish case study, El-Mallah introduces every key concept and technique Oracle Web developers and Oracle9i Application Server administrators need to master . Complete lifecycle coverage: planning, development, deployment, and administration. Installation, tuning, and troubleshooting O9iAS/Portal on Windows and Unix. Building Portlets, PL/SQL and Java providers, even advanced PDK programming. Integrating Forms, Reports, interMedia Text, LDAP OiD, Dynamic Services, and supporting SSL in Oracle9iAS Portal. Includes the complete export of the demo application and the source code on CD-ROM. The book demo application is live on the Web.

Oracle Books Oracle 9iAS Portal Bible
By: Rick Greenwald, James Milbery
984 pages CDRom edition (June 2001)
Hungry Minds

A quick glance at this book reveals an elaborate mix of information-presentation techniques. Procedures, complete with numbered steps, intermingle with bulleted lists that document options, and tables that explain alternative parameters that may be used in code to achieve different effects. The result is a guide that's handy for getting your initial familiarity with Portal (you can just follow the steps without deviation) as well as for reference when you're more expert (you can use the index to locate the tables and facts you need to see in order to solve problems). Read this one if you need to build Portal applications and don't have time for training.

Oracle Books Oracle8i Web Development
By: Bradley D. Brown, Brad Brown
Paperback - 1119 pages (December 16, 1999)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Oracle delivers unprecedented ease-of-use, power and performance for e-commerce applications - and Oracle8i is the database for Internet computing. 80% of all Web sites use Oracle as a back-end. Contains time-saving, undocumented methods for developing Internet application using Oracle and Oracle Application Server. Packed with hundreds of real-world examples and insider secrets compiled from TUSC's standing-room-only conference presentations and Oracle user Groups worldwide.

Oracle Books Oracle WebDB Bible
By: Rick Greenwald, James Milbery
Paperback - 787 pages (October 1999)
I D G Books Worldwide

Oracle's new run-anywhere browser-based tool delivers everything you need to deploy powerful database applications over the Internet. And this authoritative reference delivers everything you need to master the complete capabilities of WebDB -- database browsing, application development, component management, performance monitoring, even constructing entire Web sites with SiteBuilder. Written by two veteran database applications developers who were key contributors to the WebDB beta program, this encyclopedic guide will help you extend the rich functionality of WebDB -- and realize the full potential of your Web site.