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Oracle Books SAP R/3 Change and Transport Management: The Official SAP Guide
By: Sue McFarland Metzger, Susanne Roehrs, Sue McFarland Metzger
Hardcover - 895 pages (January 12, 2000)

This is the fourth book in Sybex's series of official SAP books. This book's focus is on preparing a new SAP installation for future changes and the transportation of data system-wide. You'll find valuable information on how to use a business blueprint and system architecture to your company's greatest benefit. Written by a staff member at SAP, you'll find detailed information to guide you toward getting the most out of your R/3 system. And you'll find a wealth of information and an interactive demo exam on the CD to help you prepare for the CTC (Certified Technical Consultant) exam.

Oracle Books Oracle SAP Administration
By: Donald K. Burleson
Paperback - 216 pages 1 edition (November 1999)
O'Reilly & Associates

SAP is the leading vendor of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in the world. (The name SAP is an acronym for the German "Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung", which roughly translates to "Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing".) Developed and marketed by SAP-AG, a Germany company that was founded in 1972 by IBM application developers, SAP has historically sold to the European market. During the 1990s, the company has increasingly dominated the U.S. market as well amon g large Fortune 500 companies. Nearly half the SAP user base is now in the U.S. Now that SAP-AG is beginning to penetrate the small to medium-size companies, client/server sales are accelerating. The SAP system performs a wide range of business functions, from manufacturing, sales, and distribution to accounting and human resources. By linking together these business functions, SAP helps the entire enterprise run more smoothly. The system can be used with virtually any hardware or operating syst em and with most database systems. Oracle is the dominant DBMS - about 80% of SAP systems use Oracle. Conversely, about 20% of large Oracle sites run SAP -- and the numbers are growing. Although overall SAP numbers are tightly guarded, it appears that there are about 20,000 SAP sites, in 90 countries. SAP-AG's 1998 sales were approximately 8.47 billion.

Oracle Books SAP R/3 Performance Optimization: The Official SAP Guide
By: Thomas Schneider
Hardcover - 624 pages 1st edition (August 1999)

SAP R/3 Performance Optimization: The Official SAP Guide is an essential foundation for R/3 administrators, technical consultants, ABAP developers, and SAP project leaders. Filled with firsthand knowledge gathered using SAP. EarlyWatch and GoingLive Check remote services, this book teaches you how to fine-tune your R/3 implementation - so your organization reaps the benefits of shorter response times and lower overhead. In concert with the companion CD, this book also helps to prepare you to qua lify as a Certified Technical Consultant (CTC) for R/3 Release 4.0

Oracle Books SAP R/3 and Oracle Backup and Recovery
By: Greg Spence
Hardcover - 181 pages 1 edition (July 23, 1999)
Addison-Wesley Publishing

Provides vital practical assistance to anyone planning the backup and recovery of a very large database system, describing a combined backup and recovery approach for both Oracle and SAP. Describes new features, functions, and tools available in the latest releases of SAP and Oracle and explains how they impact the backup and recovery strategy. Includes diagnosis and interpretation checklists. The author has 16 years of experience working with Oracle and SAP.

Oracle Books SAP R/3 System Administration: The Official SAP Guide
By: Liane Will
Hardcover - 533 pages (March 1999)

Get the inside scoop on how to set up a smooth installation directly from SAP authors. Not just a user manual or a description of the architecture, this book studies the complexities of setting up and running an R/3 System from the System Administrator's perspective. Filled with practical instructions and design guidance, you will learn about protocols, permissions, security, extending OSS, system evaluation, archiving, and report distribution. Plus the CD includes a test engine, useful toward b ecoming an SAP Certified Technical Consultant.