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Oracle Books PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA
By: David Kurtz
Paperback: 456 pages (November 22, 2004)

This book offers Oracle DBAs training appropriate for understanding and handling PeopleSoft technology. DBAs will learn a range of techniques, including: indexing, implementing DDL, managing tablespaces, and fixing low-performing SQL queries. Written by a field expert, this book answers common questions and misunderstandings that arise from use of PeopleSoft on an Oracle database. The result is a highly effective training manual for any Oracle DBA charged with the maintenance of a PeopleSoft sys tem.

Oracle Books Essential Guide to Peoplesoft Development and Customization
By: Tony Delia, Galina Landres, Isidor Rivera, Prakash Sankaran
Paperback - 1104 pages (August 2000)
Manning Publications Company

The Essential Guide to PeopleSoft Development and Customization is an exhaustive, as well as practical, guide that covers PeopleSoft 7.5 and many new features in release 8.0. Both novice and experienced programmers will benefit from the detailed coverage of topics ranging from the basics of Application Designer to the proper use of PeopleCode within the Application Processor. The book serves as both a reference and a tutorial and covers advanced topics that other books avoid. The reader can gain valuable expertise by following the exercises and building sample applications and utilities. Extensive coverage of PeopleCode including scroll and function library examples can be found as well as methodology behind customization and upgrades. Discover how to effectively utilize SQR and Process Scheduler. Master various levels of PeopleSoft security. Most developers won't touch PeopleSoft COBOL programs with a ten foot pole. Expand your horizons by uncovering the secrets of PeopleSoft COBOL an d the PTPSQLRT module and even walk through a sample customization. Application Engine is a powerful PeopleTool - but one of the least understood. Through a series of simple but effective exercises the reader will learn Application Engine concepts such as dynamic SQL, decision logic and dynamic sections. A useful Application Engine utility is produced that will enhance the delivered Process Scheduler panels. This book takes a soup-to-nuts approach leading the reader through the full cycle of app lication development.

Oracle Books PeopleSoft Step By Step
By: Holly Ngo
Paperback - 320 pages (December 12, 1999)
MIS Technology Solutions

PeopleSoft has become one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software companies. The number of companies that use PeopleSoft ERP software keeps increasing. This step-by-step book is the easiest and least expensive way to teach yourself essential PeopleSoft skills to advance your professional career in the fast growing field of ERP programming. The readers will learn PeopleSoft database software by doing the exercises in the book, following the step-by-step procedures illustrated w ith numerous figures of the application windows.

Oracle Books SQR in Peoplesoft and Other Applications
By: Galina Landres, Vlad Landres, Vlad Landers
Paperback - 600 pages (July 1999)
Manning Publications Company

"Structured Query Report Writer may not sound exciting at first, but where else can you find a programming tool ... that works with nearly all known relational databases and operating systems, ... and is easy to learn?" So query a consultant couple who cover SQR's basic and advanced features and command syntax for programs integrated with and alien to PeopleSoft applications (covered in the last five chapters). Includes a sample database, standard computer screen graphics, and a bibliography for further queries. "Presented as a tutorial, SQR in PeopleSoft and Other Applications addresses the fundamental SQR language elements with an judicious eye towards making the most of SQR's capabilities. In addition to over one hundred realistic examples for both the novice and veteran, various approaches are offered and critiqued for each problem. Perhaps the *only* available source for real world PeopleSoft problems!

Oracle Books Peoplesoft Developer's Handbook
By: Richard Gillespie, Joann Gillespie
Paperback - 601 pages (June 1999)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

A real-world reference on how an application is developed with PeopleSoft software (PeopleTools), including information on relational entities, data objects, default functionality, and error checking. The book uses detailed, step-by-step examples of an actual application created by the author for a client, and includes a multitude of screen shots and CD-ROM screen cam files that explain exactly how to implement these examples. This book is not module specific. It covers the technical topics that are taught in several weeks of PeopleSoft training.($$$) This book is primarily for people who are new to PeopleSoft and or their primary job is functional. If this describes you and you would like to understand how you can use the PeopleSoft building blocks to create new functionality, this book is for you. Along with the basic PeopleSoft objects, the book includes sections on PeopleCode and SQR.

Oracle Books Teach Yourself Peoplesoft in 10 Minutes (Teach Yourself...)
By: Timothy Buchanan
Paperback - 198 pages 1 edition (June 1999)

SAMS Teach Yourself PeopleSoft in 10 Minutes focuses on the end-user by covering general tasks including basic navigation skills, working with master data and running reports. This book covers the general PeopleSoft functions that every end-user of PeopleSoft-based applications must know. You will learn all the essential tasks for running PeopleSoft-based applications smoothly and easily. Using concise 10-minute lessons, you will learn how to log on to PeopleSoft, access the PeopleSoft modules, use basic navigation skills, work with master data, generate reports, read and interpret common error messages, and access extensive online help features.

Oracle Books PeopleSoft Administrator's Guide
By: Darrell Bilbrey
Paperback - 560 pages 1st edition (February 11, 1999)

This book is the only administrator's resource for PeopleSoft and covers not only the latest version, 7.5, but earlier ones as well. PeopleSoft installations are notoriously difficult to administer, and this book has everything administrators need to know, whether they are using the Human Resources, Financials, or other modules. Coverage includes setting up the system, security, performance tuning, dealing with upgrades, disaster recovery, troubleshooting advice, and planning for the future. The book also covers the development tools that an administrator must know about, because 90 percent of an administrator's problems are data-related. Bilbrey is a Human Resources IS manager and internal systems consultant for a large insurance company in the southeast.