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Oracle Books PowerBuilder 7.0 Unleashed
By: Ramesh Chandak (Editor), Purshottam Chandak
Paperback - 1200 pages 3rd (December 9, 1999)

PowerBuilder 7.0 Unleashed is an excellent one-volume reference to new features in Sybase's well-known programming tool, with good coverage of its support for distributed and Internet-based computing. Ideal for any intermediate developer, this book compiles a host of useful tips for getting the most out of your PowerBuilder applications, providing a soup-to-nuts tour of PowerBuilder, plus full coverage of its various "painter" tools (such as the Window, Application, and Menu Painters). The new a nd advanced features in the PB environment are explained thoroughly. Short, task-based programming excerpts that show how to carry out specific tasks are the rule here. The discussion of the DataWindow control (traditionally the most powerful feature of PB) is outstanding in this book. Several chapters cover basic and advanced programming techniques and include valuable insights on optimizing the performance of this powerful object. Advanced material looks at ways to extend DataWindows, such as customizing SQL, printing, and managing master-detail relationships effectively. (There's also material here on using the HTML version and plug-in versions of DataWindow for browser-based interfaces.) PowerBuilder's traditional support for databases is in ample evidence here, along with an excellent tour of database design, SQL, and hints for optimizing DB performance.

Oracle Books Advanced PowerBuilder 7 Techniques
By: Simon Gallagher, Simon Gallaher, Simo Herbert, Ken Reppart, Joe Quick
Paperback - 896 pages (August 27, 1999)
John Wiley & Sons

This latest edition of the #1 guide to advanced PowerBuilder techniques reveals powerful solutions to hard-core programming problems. From building business logic with User Objects, to creating layout forms with the HTML DataWindow, it offers step-by-step guidance on mastering the latest features of PowerBuilder 7. And, like its critically-acclaimed predecessor, it is loaded with proven, hard-to-find programming techniques, ready-to-run code, and real-world examples. The authors show how to: Dev elop applications using PowerBuilder's new and improved user interfaceProgram using PowerBuilder Foundation ClassesBuild advanced applications with integrated Internet tools Develop robust, scaleable distributed applications with Jaguar CTSDevelop Distributed PowerBuilder (DPB) applications Interface with Microsoft Messaging API, Open Repository CASE API, Word, Excel, Windows SDK, and version control softwareSolve network and performance problems Test and debug PowerBuilder applications. CD-ROM includes: Source code from the book HOW 3.0 Learning Edition demo

Oracle Books Basic PowerBuilder 7.0 Programming
By: Chetney Hieber
Spiral-bound - 625 pages (August 1, 1999)
Envision Software Systems

Taken from our five day Basic PowerBuilder course, this book provides a hands-on introduction to all aspects of application development with PowerBuilder. Each component is covered in the context of using PowerBuilder to develop Windows-based, client/server production business applications. The topics are reinforced through a series of hands-on lab exercises in which the reader creates a fully functional PowerBuilder application. The lab setup and solution diskette included with the book provide s the files required to perform the hands-on labs, and includes a set of solutions to the lab exercises for student review. An instructor kit is provided, the kit includes the PowerPoint Slides and the instructor notes. This is the most popular PowerBuilder courseware on the market.

Oracle Books Enterprise Components and PowerBuilder 7, The Definitive Guide
By: Kouros Gorgani
Paperback - 500 pages 1 edition (July 1999)
The ROMO Technology Group

This comprehensive guide focuses on developing Web and component-based applications with PowerBuilder 7. With an experts look at the mechanics of the software, this complete reference shows how to develop powerful, industrial-strength applications that can access data-aware components in distributed PowerBuilder, Jaguar Component Transaction Server, and Microsoft Transaction Server. In addition, you'll learn how to take advantage of the Enterprise Application Studio to build and deploy enterpris e Web, distributed, and client/server applications. The online web site is packed with sample applications, source code, reference material, as well as links to author's other articles. Some of the topics covered in this book are: Developing Component-centric Applications, Building Jaguar CTS Components/Clients, Building COM/MTS Components/Clients, Building and Using Java Components, Automation Servers, Remote Debugging, Using the JavaBeans Proxy, Introduction to Java, Java for PowerScript'ers, Web Development and Deployment Kit, DataWindow Web Control, OLE DB, JDBC, CORBA, Adaptive SQL Anywhere, Adaptive Server Enterprise, and lots more.

Oracle Books PowerBuilder Slick Tricks - The Book
By: Bernhard Metzger
Spiral-bound - 201 pages Spiral edition (December 16, 1998)
Envision Software Systems

Bernie came up with the idea as he realized that PowerBuilder's richness presents a great learning challenge. A large part of that learning involves 'inventing' the tricks one needs to solve specific problems. Bernie believed that other PowerBuilder developers were treading a similar path and were 'inventing' their own tricks. He conceived the 'Slick Tricks' column as a means for this community to share these tricks. Over the course of the last fifty months Bernie has been building up a collecti on of these tricks and has found them to be useful in his consulting engagements. Now you can have these slick tricks, originally published in the PBDJ and enjoyed by thousands, in a bound and indexed edition. You will not find a book like this anywhere else.