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Oracle Books Oracle Designer: A Template for Developing An Enterprise Standards Document
By: Mark A. Kramm, Kent Graziano, Paul Dirksen
Paperback - 300 pages 1 edition (October 7, 1999)
Prentice Hall

Outlines standards for system development and sets naming conventions for logical and physical objects as well as for data and process elements, and documents recommended conventions for use with the primary diagramming tools found in Oracle Designer. Conventions are presented for the business process modeler, and the function hierarchy, entity relationship and server model diagrammers. The CD-ROM contains a standards document template in Word.

Oracle Books Oracle Designer Generation
By: Kenneth Atkins, Paul Dirksen, Zikri Askin Ince, Ken Atkins
Paperback - 1161 pages (May 3, 1999)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Provides Oracle Designer professionals with the means to consistently create quality, highly-generated application systems. Authors are experts who frequently give well-attended presentations on this hot topic. Focuses on designing and building systems which optimize the usage of the Forms, Reports, WebServer, and server side generators. This authoritative guide covers releases 2 and 6, providing detailed coverage of the Oracle Designer Forms, Reports, MS Help and Server Side PL/SQL generators. The CD-ROM contains examples from the book, templates, and other useful information for Oracle Designer developers.

Oracle Books Oracle Designer Handbook
By: Peter Koletzke, Dr. Paul Dorsey
Paperback - 1075 pages 2nd edition (November 1998)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Provides a solid understanding of how to plan and build a project that fully realizes the time-saving potential of Designer/2000. Explores the goals, processes, and deliverables for each step in the CASE process. Contains numerous unique tips and techniques; offers tactical "how-to" discussions based on the authors' firsthand experience. This authoritative guide provides a solid understanding of how to design and build a project that fully realizes the time-saving potential of Oracle Designer/20 00. It takes the developer through each step of Oracle's CASE approach, revealing methodical steps and phases of producing software and practical ways that the Designer/2000 tool can support them.