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Oracle Books Oracle Application Express 4.0 with Ext JS
By: M. Lancaster
Paperback: 320 pages (May 28, 2011)
Packt Publishing Limited

Modern web-based applications are moving rapidly away from simple HTML pages, with users expecting desktop styled rich internet applications. Oracle Application Express includes multiple built-in interfaces especially designed for adding JavaScript libraries and components. Ext JS is a polished, high performance set of customizable UI widgets with a well designed and extensible Component model. Combining Ext JS components with the well engineered server side processing provided by Oracle APEX is a recipe for success. Written by Oracle ACE, Mark Lancaster, this book is a complete practical guide to building robust desktop-styled web applications using Oracle Application Express and the powerful Ext JS JavaScript library. This book starts off by setting up a productive environment for Oracle APEX and Ext JS, preparing you to get ready to code, and then gradually introducing you to the Ext JS API. You then create a theme based on Ext JS into APEX from scratch, starting with integrating the Ext JS library into the page template, then covering all the template types.

Oracle Books Expert Oracle Application Express
By: Dietmar Aust, Martin Giffy D'Souza, Doug Gault, Dimitri Gielis, Roel Hartman, Michael Hichwa, Sharon Kennedy, ...
Paperback: 500 pages (May 16, 2011)

Expert Oracle Application Express brings you groundbreaking insight into developing with Oracle's enterprise-level, rapid-development tool from some of the best practitioners in the field today. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is an entirely web-based development framework that is built into every edition of Oracle Database. The framework rests upon Oracle's powerful, PL/SQL language, enabling power users and developers to rapidly develop applications that easily scale to hundreds, even thousa nds of concurrent users. The fourteen authors of Expert Oracle Application Express build their careers around APEX. They know what it takes to make the product sing, to develop secure applications that can be deployed globally to users inside and outside a large enterprise. The authors come together in this book to share some of their deepest and most powerful insights into solving the hard problems surrounding scalability, globalization, configuration and lifecycle management, and more. You'll learn about debugging and performance, deep secrets to customizing your application user interface, how to secure applications from intrusion, and about deploying globally, in multiple languages. Expert Oracle Application Express is truly a book that will move you and your skillset a big step towards the apex of Application Express development.

Oracle Books Beginning Oracle Application Express 4
By: Doug Gault, Karen Cannell, Patrick Cimolini, Martin Giffy D'Souza, Timothy St. Hilaire
Paperback - 300 pages (March 31, 2011)

Beginning Oracle Application Express 4 introduces one of the most talked about development platforms to come out of Oracle Corporation in years. Oracle Application Express, called APEX for short, enables rapid and easy development of web-based applications that make full use of Oracle Database. The release of APEX 4 brings a huge leap forward in terms of functionality and usability for both the developer and the end user. Power users and programmers alike can quickly put together robust and scal able applications for use by one person, by a department, by an entire company. Whether you're new to Oracle or an old hand who's yet to test the waters of APEX, Beginning Oracle Application Express 4 introduces the processes and best practices you'll need to become proficient with APEX. The book shows off the programming environment, the utilities and tools available, and then continues by walking through the process of building a working system from the ground up. While the book assumes a fo undational knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL, all code used is documented and explained so that those new to the languages will not be lost.

Oracle Books Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook
By: M. van Zoest, M. van der Plas
Paperback: 328 pages (December 14, 2010)
Packt Publishing

Oracle Application Express 4.0 is a rapid web application development tool that works with the Oracle database. Using features like Plug-ins and Dynamic Actions, APEX helps you build applications with the latest techniques in AJAX and JavaScript. The Oracle Application Express 4.0 Cookbook shows you recipes to develop and deploy reliable, modern web applications using only a web browser and limited programming experience. With recipes covering many different topics, it will show you how to use the many features of APEX 4.0. You will learn how to create simple form and report pages and how to enhance the look of your applications by using stylesheets. You will see how you can integrate things such as Tag Clouds, Google Maps, web services, and much more in your applications. Using Plug-ins, Dynamic Actions, BI Publisher, translations and Websheets, you will be able to enhance your applications to a new level in APEX. This book will show you how to be Agile in the development of your web applications by using Team Development, debugging, and third-party tools. After reading this book, you will be able to create feature-rich web applications in Application Express 4.0 with ease and confidence. A practical reference guide with over 70 recipes for every APEX developer.

Oracle Books Beginning Database Programming with Oracle Application Express
By: Rick Greenwald
Paperback: 416 pages (November 17, 2008)
Wrox Press

Beginning Database Programming with Oracle Application Express shows novice database developers and power users how to master Application Express to build effective web-based Oracle database applications. The author will provide hands-on, step-by-step guideance on the complete development process, through creating, customizing, and extending the application. The book gets quickly off the ground by showing how to build a simple application; it then gets into the details for extending the applic ation; reporting and charting; themes and templates, and security. The author also shows how to use packaged applications, as well as work with multiple applications. He concludes the book by providing guidance on data migration and integration with the Oracle environment.

Oracle Books Pro Oracle Application Express
By: John Scott, Scott Spendolini
Paperback: 500 pages (August 25, 2008)

Start developing applications with Oracle PL/SQL-fast! This integrated book-and-Web learning solution teaches all the Oracle PL/SQL skills you need, hands on, through real-world labs, extensive examples, exercises, projects, and a complete Web-based training site. Oracle PL/SQL by Example, Third Edition covers Oracle 10G and all the fundamentals: Master PL/SQL syntax, iterative and conditional control, scoping, anchored datatypes, cursors, triggers, security, tables, procedures, functions, packa ges and Oracle-supplied packages-plus powerful new techniques for working with exceptions, cursors, collections, and records. Your free Web-based training module includes a Virtual Study Lounge where you can interact with other learners, work on new projects, and get updates! Totally integrated with a FREE, state-of-the-art Oracle 10G learning Web site! Every Prentice Hall Oracle Interactive Workbook is fully integrated with its own exclusive Web site, giving you all this and more.

Oracle Books Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express: Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE
By: Michael Cunningham, Kent Crotty, Donald Burleson
Paperback: 400 pages (April 15, 2006)
Rampant Techpress

By removing the guesswork from Oracle HTML manipulation, this book shows working examples of complex HTML-DBA database access and techniques for creating easy HTML-DB applications. All HTML-DB concepts are described, and working examples of each HTML-DB feature are provided. Examples of HTML-DB data access and document formatting, information on how to update Oracle HTML-DB, and methods of customizing applications with Themes and CSS are also included.

Oracle Books Oracle HTML DB Handbook
By: Lawrence C. Linnemeyer, Bradley D. Brown
Paperback: 486 pages (February 27, 2006)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Even if you have limited programming experience, you can develop and deploy professional-quality applications using Oracle's new rapid web application development tool. Oracle HTML DB Handbook shows you how to quickly create secure and scalable web applications that can be instantly deployed. Learn how you can consolidate spreadsheets and desktop databases into an Oracle Database and share your applications over the web. You'll also get details on administration and security. Real-world sample p rojects get you started using Oracle HTML DB right away.

Oracle Books Professional Oracle Programming
By: Rick Greenwald, Robert Stackowiak, Gary Dodge, David Klein, Ben Shapiro, Christopher G. Chelliah
Paperback: 790 pages (June 17, 2005)
Wrox Press

A good book for an introduction to Oracle, but especially good if you are interested in the areas of Business Intelligence, HTML-DB, XML DB and Regular Expressions