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Oracle Books Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata [Kindle Edition]
By: Rick Greenwald, Robert Stackowiak, Maqsood Alam, Mans Bhuller
Electronic: 432 pages (February 11, 2011)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Leverage all of the powerful features available in the Oracle Exadata Database Machine using the proven techniques inside this Oracle Press guide. Written by Oracle experts, Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata shows you how to take full advantage of this complete, optimized package of software, servers, and storage. Best practices for enterprise deployments, high availability, administration, backup and recovery, data warehousing, online transaction processing, consolidation, and m igration are included in this authoritative resource.

Oracle Books OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate Study Guide: (Exams1Z0-051 and 1Z0-052) [Kindle Edition]
By: Biju Thomas
Electronic: 1152 pages (January 31, 2011)

Candidates for the Oracle Certified Associate in Oracle Database 11g need to pass Exams 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-052 to achieve their certification—this guide prepares you for taking both those exams. This two-in-one study guide covers the Oracle Certified Associate certification for Oracle database 11g and reviews exam topics such as restricting and sorting data, using conversion functions and conditional expressions, displaying data from multiple tables, and exploring the Oracle database architecture. Plus, you'll learn how to create and maintain an Oracle database, perform database backups and recovery, move and manipulate data, prepare the database environment, and more.

Oracle Books Oracle CRM On Demand Embedded Analytics [Kindle Edition]
By: Michael D. Lairson
Electronic: 192 pages (January 10, 2011)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

Link and Embed Oracle CRM On Demand Reports Integrate business intelligence directly into day-to-day business processes by presenting analytic reports to end users in applications. Oracle CRM On Demand Embedded Analytics shows you how to link and embed reports throughout Oracle CRM On Demand. This Oracle Press guide explains how to plan, design, and develop reports; make them available through hyperlinks; and embed reports in a variety of locations easily accessible to end users. Real-world exa mples and time-saving tips are included throughout this practical resource. Navigate the report development environment within Oracle CRM On Demand Configure administrative settings to access report development and embedding tools Design reports for linking and embedding in applications Format columns, filter data, and add and edit views, including pivot tables and pivot charts Add link functionality to Oracle CRM On Demand and your reports Embed reports using HTML and URL encoding Display rep orts inside dashboards and on home page screens Embed reports inside other reports Add reports and dashboards to custom Web tabs and desktop applications Include external sites in reports.

Oracle Books Oracle PL/SQL For Dummies [Kindle Edition]
By: Michael Rosenblum
Electronic: 432 pages (December 15, 2010)
For Dummies

The Oracle has spoken—you need to get up to speed on PL/SQL programming, right? We predict it'll be a breeze with this book! You'll find out about code structures, best practices, and code naming standards, how to use conditions and loops, where to place PL/SQL code in system projects, ways to manipulate data, and more.

Oracle Books Oracle PL/SQL Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach [Kindle Edition]
By: Josh Juneau, Matt Arena
Electronic: 456 pages (December 9, 2010)

Oracle PL/SQL Recipes is your go to book for PL/SQL programming solutions. It takes a task-oriented approach to PL/SQL programming that lets you quickly look up a specific task and see the pattern for a solution. Then it's as simple as modifying the pattern for your specific application and implementing it. And you're done and home for dinner. Oracle PL/SQL Recipes is another in Apress' ongoing series of recipe books aimed at Oracle practitioners. The recipe format is ideal for the busy profess ional who just needs to get the job done.

Oracle Books Oracle Streams 11g Data Replication [Kindle Edition]
By: Kirtikumar Deshpande
Electronic: 546 pages (December 1, 2010)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

Master Oracle Streams 11g Replication Enable real-time information access and data sharing across your distributed framework using the expert information in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle Streams 11g Data Replication explains how to set up and administer a unified enterprise data sharing infrastructure. Learn how to capture, propagate, and apply database changes, transform data, and handle data conflicts. Monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting techniques are also covered in this comprehen sive volume. Understand Oracle Streams components and architecture Gain in-depth knowledge about capturing, propagating, and applying data manipulation language (DML) and data definition language (DDL) changes Learn how to access and modify the contents of Logical Change Records Build custom procedures for data transformations Configure Oracle Streams replication for the database, schemas, and tables Tune Oracle Streams performance for improved throughput Manage and monitor Oracle Streams usin g Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Learn from several practical examples and scripts.

Oracle Books SQL Pocket Guide (Pocket Guides) [Kindle Edition]
By: Jonathan Gennick
Electronic: 208 pages (November 24, 2010)
O'Reilly Media

If you're a programmer or database administrator who uses SQL in your day-to-day work, this popular pocket guide is the ideal on-the-job reference. You'll find many examples that address the language's complexity, along with key aspects of SQL used in IBM DB2 Release 9.7, MySQL 5.1, Oracle Database 11g Release 2, PostgreSQL 9.0, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Release 2. SQL Pocket Guide describes how these database systems implement SQL syntax for querying, managing transactions, and making chan ges to data. It also shows how the systems use SQL functions, regular expression syntax, and type conversion functions and formats.

Oracle Books Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses [Kindle Edition]
By: Michael D. Lairson
Electronic: 192 pages (November 1, 2010)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Drive better decision-making across your enterprise using the reporting and analysis techniques in this Oracle Press guide. Through clear explanations and detailed case studies, Oracle CRM on Demand Combined Analyses shows you how to deliver real-time insightful business intelligence to end users. Learn how to perform multiple queries, join tables, format result columns, and add interactivity to your reports. Methods for filtering the results of a combined analysis are also covered in this pract ical resource.

Oracle Books Oracle Built-in Packages [Kindle Edition]
By: Steven Feuerstein, Charles Dye, John Beresniewicz
Electronic: 956 pages (October 22, 2010)
O'Reilly Media

Oracle is the most popular database management system in use today, and PL/SQL plays a pivotal role in current and projected Oracle products and applications. PL/SQL is a programming language providing procedural extensions to the SQL relational database language and to an ever-growing number of oracle development tools. originally a rather limited tool, PL/SQL became with Oracle7 a mature and effective language for developers. now, with the introduction of Oracle8, PL/SQL has taken the next ste p towards becoming a fully realized programming language providing sophisticated object-oriented capabilities. Steven Feuerstein'sOracle PL/SQL Programming is a comprehensive guide to building applications with PL/SQL. That book has become the bible for PL/SQL developers who have raved about its completeness, readability, and practicality.Built-in packages are collections of PL/SQL objects built by Oracle Corporation and stored directly in the Oracle database. The functionality of these packages is available from any programming environment that can call PL/SQL stored procedures, including Visual Basic, Oracle Developer/2000, Oracle Application Server (for web-based development), and, of course, the Oracle database itself. Built-in packages extend the capabilities and power of PL/SQL in many significant ways. for example:DBMS_SQL executes dynamically constructed SQL statements and PL/SQL blocks of code.DBMS_PIPE communicates between different Oracle sessions through a pipe in the RDBMS shared memory.DBMS_JOB submits and manages regularly scheduled jobs for execution inside the database.DBMS_LOB accesses and manipulates Oracle8's large objects (LOBs) from within PL/SQL programs.The first edition of Oracle PL/SQL Programming contained a chapter on Oracle's built-in packages. but there is much more to say about the basic PL/SQL packages than Feuerstein could fit in his first book. In addition, now that Oracle8 has been released, there are many new Oracle8 built-in packages not d escribed in the PL/SQL book. There are also packages extensions for specific oracle environments such as distributed database. hence this book.Oracle Built-in Packages pulls together information about how to use the calling interface (API) to Oracle's Built-in Packages, and provides extensive examples on using the built-in packages effectively.

Oracle Books Oracle Database Administration for Microsoft SQL Server DBAs [Kindle Edition]
By: Michelle Malcher
Electronic: 352 pages (September 1, 2010)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Use your SQL Server experience to set up and maintain a high-performance Oracle Database environment. Written by a DBA with expertise in both platforms, Oracle Database Administration for Microsoft SQL Server DBAs illustrates each technique with clear explanations, examples, and comparison tables. Get full details on Oracle Database intervals, creation assistants, management techniques, and query tools. High availability, disaster recovery, and security procedures are also extensively covered in this comprehensive Oracle Press guide.

Oracle Books Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development: Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF [Kindle Edition]
By: Grant Ronald
Electronic: 224 pages (August 19, 2010)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Written by a Group Product Manager at Oracle, this Oracle Press guide gets you up and running quickly with your first Oracle Fusion applications. Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development provides only the essential information you need to build applications in a matter of hours. Rapidly learn the building blocks and functionality you'll use most of the time. The progression of topics closely matches the application building process, taking you through a typical developer scenario from star t to completion.

Oracle Books Oracle CRM On Demand Dashboards [Kindle Edition]
By: Michael D. Lairson
Electronic: 208 pages (August 10, 2010)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Create custom, interactive dashboards to deliver actionable business intelligence directly to end users with help from this Oracle Press guide. Oracle CRM On Demand Dashboards provides comprehensive coverage of the versatile features available in Oracle Answers On Demand coupled with detailed planning and design strategies for building and deploying reports and dashboards with Oracle CRM On Demand. Real-world examples and time-saving formatting tips are included throughout this practical resourc e.

Oracle Books The Language of SQL: How to Access Data in Relational Databases [Kindle Edition]
By: Larry Rockoff
Electronic: 256 pages (June 3, 2010)
Course Technology PTR

Most SQL texts attempt to serve as an encyclopedic reference on SQL syntax -- an approach that is counterproductive, since this information is readily available in online references published by the major database vendors. For SQL beginners, it's more important for a book to focus on general concepts and offer clear explanations and examples of what the various statements can accomplish. This is that beginner book. A number of features make The LANGUAGE OF SQL unique among introductory SQL books . First, you will not be required to download software or sit with a computer as you read the text. The intent of this book is to provide examples of SQL usage that can be understood simply by reading them. Second, topics are organized in an intuitive and logical sequence. SQL keywords are introduced one at a time, allowing you to build on your prior understanding as you encounter new words and concepts. Finally, this book covers the syntax of three widely used databases: Microsoft SQL Server, M ySQL, and Oracle, with special "Database Differences" boxes that will show you any differences in the syntax among those three databases, as well as instructions on how to obtain and install free versions of the databases. This is the only book you'll need to gain a working knowledge of SQL and relational databases.

Oracle Books Oracle CRM On Demand Deployment Guide [Kindle Edition]
By: Jeff Saenger, Tim Koehler, Louis Peters
Electronic: 240 pages (May 17, 2010)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Foster long-term customer relationships and accelerate productivity using the proven strategies and best practices in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle CRM On Demand Deployment Guide shows how to set up, customize, and manage a dynamic software-as-a-service solution across your enterprise. Develop implementation plans, maximize user adoption, build applets and portals, integrate Web 2.0 features, and use analytics dashboards. The latest design, tuning, and data security techniques are also covered in this practical resource.

Oracle Books Oracle RMAN 11g Backup and Recovery [Kindle Edition]
By: Robert Freeman, Matthew Hart
Electronic: 688 pages (April 22, 2010)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Protect your databases from hardware, software, and operator failures using the detailed information in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle RMAN 11g Backup and Recovery explains how to configure databases, generate accurate archives, and carry out system restores. Work from the command line or Oracle Enterprise Manager, automate the backup process, perform Oracle Flashback recoveries, and integrate cloud computing technology. This authoritative resource also shows you how to create reports, optimize performance, and implement third-party administration utilities.

Oracle Books Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Handbook [Kindle Edition]
By: Werner De Gruyter, Matthew Hart, Daniel Nguyen
Electronic: 688 pages (March 22, 2010)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Centralize and simplify enterprise infrastructure administration using the detailed information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Control Handbook shows you how to implement a grid-based management system and maintain on-demand access to critical services. Develop rollout plans, configure hardware and software, deploy targets and agents, control access, and distribute business reports. This authoritative resource also explains how to generate reliable backups, i mplement top-down performance monitoring, and maximize system availability.

Oracle Books Perl for Oracle DBAs [Kindle Edition]
By: Andy Duncan, Jared Still
Electronic: 624 pages 1st edition (March 5, 2010)
O'Reilly & Associates

Perl is a very powerful tool for Oracle database administrators, but too few DBAs realize how helpful Perl can be in managing, monitoring, and tuning Oracle databases. Whether you're responsible for Oracle9i, Oracle8i, or earlier databases, you'll find Perl an invaluable addition to your database administration arsenal.You don't need to be a Perl expert to use the excellent applications and scripts described in Perl for Oracle DBAs. The book explains what you need to know about Perl, provides a wealth of ready-to-use scripts developed especially for Oracle DBAs, and suggests many resources for further exploration. The book covers:The Perl language -- an introduction to Perl, its rich history and culture, and its extensive text processing and data transformation capabilities.The Perl/Oracle architecture -- Detailed information about Perl DBI, DBD::Oracle, the Oracle Call Interface (OCI), Oracle::OCI, extproc_perl, and mod_perl, the modules that allow Perl programs to communicate with Or acle databases.Perl applications for Oracle DBAs -- Profiles of the best Perl open source applications available for use and customization by Oracle DBAs: Perl/Tk, OraExplain, StatsView, Orac, DDL::Oracle, SchemaDiff, Senora, DBD::Chart, SchemaView-Plus, Oracletool, Karma, Embperl, and Mason.The Perl Database Administration (PDBA) Toolkit -- a comprehensive suite of specialized, ready-to-use scripts designed to help Oracle DBAs perform both routine and special-purpose administrative tasks: monit oring the Oracle alert log and databases, creating and managing Oracle user accounts, maintaining indexes and extents, extracting DDL and data, troubleshooting and tuning database problems, and much more.The book also explains how Oracle DBAs and developers can extend the toolkit and solve their own database administration problems using Perl.

Oracle Books Oracle PL/SQL: Expert Techniques For Developers and Database Administrators [Kindle Edition]
By: Lakshman Bulusu
Electronic: 352 pages (February 17, 2010)
Charles River Media

Welcome aboard the first book focusing exclusively on PL/SQL techniques, through Oracle 11g. These techniques are tried-tested-true, yet do not compromise performance. You'll find coverage of all types of scenarios, starting from design to coding and testing to debugging and tuning. PL/SQL is more than just a 3GL sequel to SQL; instead it can be used as a methodology for application development using Oracle. The techniques covered here have a broader scope, in applications ranging from OLTP to O LAP and from data warehousing to business intelligence. The world of PL/SQL is exciting and this book provides a repository of techniques for PL/SQL developers and DBAs alike. This book takes you beyond the existing solutions found in other professional and reference texts or in online documentation. Starting from PL/SQL internals that include PL/SQL program structure, internal representation, compilation, and execution, users are taught PL/SQL concepts and techniques that go way beyond SQL, suc h as data structure management, error management, data management, application management, and transaction management. It covers the practical "how-to" techniques of applying these PL/SQL concepts in live projects and elaborates on various PL/SQL frameworks, the integration of PL/SQL with Java, and Web-enabling PL/SQL. The last two chapters on PL/SQL tuning and debugging and PL/SQL coding standards contain comprehensive coverage of performance-enhancing techniques and PL/SQL coding standards tha t can't be found in anywhere else. All techniques include examples and hands-on code, as well as tips and coding standards. The companion CD-ROM includes all the source code for the examples in the book.

Oracle Books SQL For Dummies [Kindle Edition]
By: Allen G. Taylor
Electronic: 456 pages (February 2, 2010)
For Dummies

This is the rare case of a book that can take you from a beginner to an advanced-intermediate level. Like many of the books in IDG's Dummies series, this volume begins with a definition ("What is SQL?") and ends with "The Part of Tens," a collection of tips in a top ten list form. Taylor writes in a breezy, entertaining style that SQL novices will find inviting. One caveat: The examples are given in Borland's Delphi, a rapid application development (RAD) tool. Some sections show several screen s hots from Delphi and it may be difficult to follow along in these sections if you don't have the program in front of you. As with other Dummies books, SQL for Dummies is entertaining to read although the nonstop jokes may distract some readers from the technical content.

Oracle Books Expert Oracle Practices: Oracle Database Administration from the Oak Table [Kindle Edition]
By: Pete Finnigan, Alex Gorbachev, Randolf Geist, Tim Gorman, Connie Green, Charles Hooper, ...
Electroni: 592 pages (January 20, 2010)

This book is an anthology of effective database management techniques representing the collective wisdom of the OakTable Network. With an emphasis upon performance—but also branching into security, national language, and other issues—the book helps you deliver the most value for your company's investment in Oracle Database technologies. You'll learn to effectively plan for and monitor performance, to troubleshoot systematically when things go wrong, and to manage your database rather than lettin g it manage you.

Oracle Books Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming Workbook [Kindle Edition]
By: Michael McLaughlin, John M. Harper
Electronic: 512 pages (January 20, 2010)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

Master PL/SQL through the hands-on exercises, extensive examples, and real-world projects inside this Oracle Press guide. Filled with best practices, Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming Workbook covers all the latest features and enhancements of the language. Mastery checks at the end of each chapter reinforce the material covered, and sample code from the book is available for download. Even experienced Oracle professionals will benefit from this practical resource.

Oracle Books OCP Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-050) [Kindle Edition]
By: Sam R. Alapati
Electronic: 523 pages (May 4, 2008)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

A Fully Integrated Study System for OCP Exam 1Z0-050 Prepare for the Oracle Certified Professional Oracle Database 11 New Features for Administrators exam with help from this exclusive Oracle Press guide. In each chapter, you'll find challenging exercises, practice questions, a two-minute drill, and a chapter summary to highlight what you've learned. This authoritative guide will help you pass the test, and serve as your essential on-the-job reference. Get complete coverage of all OCP objectives for exam 1Z0-050, including: Installation and upgrades Partitioning and storage Intelligent infrastructure Diagnostics and fault management Performance Oracle Recovery Manager and Oracle Flashback Security Oracle SQL Performance Analyzer SQL plan management Automatic SQL tuning On the CD-ROM: One full practice exam that simulates the actual OCP exam Detailed answers and explanations Score report performance assessment tool Complete electronic book Bonus exam available free with online registrat ion.

Oracle Books OCA Oracle Database 11g: Administration I Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-052) [Kindle Edition]
By: John Watson
Electronic: 733 pages (May 19, 2008)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

A Fully Integrated Study System for OCA Exam 1Z0-052 Prepare for the Oracle Certified Associate Oracle Database 11 Administration I exam with help from this exclusive Oracle Press guide. In each chapter, you'll find challenging exercises, practice questions, a two-minute drill, and a chapter summary to highlight what you've learned. This authoritative guide will help you pass the test and serve as your essential on-the-job reference. Get complete coverage of all OCA objectives for exam 1Z0-052, including: Database architecture Creating an Oracle Database Managing the Oracle instance Configuring and managing the Oracle network Managing database storage structures Administering user security Managing schema objects, data and concurrency, and undo data Implementing Oracle Database security Database maintenance and performance management Backup and recovery Moving data Intelligent infrastructure enhancements On the CD-ROM: One full practice exam that simulates the actual OCA exam Detailed answers and explanations Score report performance assessment tool Complete electronic book Bonus exam available free with online registration.

Oracle Books Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming [Kindle Edition]
By: Michael McLaughlin
Electronic: 835 pages (March 21, 2008)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Design Feature-Rich PL/SQL Applications Deliver dynamic, client/server PL/SQL applications with expert guidance from an Oracle programming professional. With full coverage of the latest features and tools, Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming lays out each topic alongside detailed explanations, cut-and-paste syntax examples, and real-world case studies. Access and modify database information, construct powerful PL/SQL statements, execute effective queries, and deploy bulletproof security. You' ll also learn how to implement C, C++, and Java procedures, Web-enable your database, cut development time, and optimize performance. Create, debug, and manage Oracle-driven PL/SQL programs Use PL/SQL structures, delimiters, operators, variables, and statements Identify and eliminate errors using PLSQL_WARNINGS and exception handlers Work with functions, procedures, packages, collections, and triggers Define and deploy varray, nested table, and associative array data types Handle external routin es, object types, large objects, and secure files Communicate between parallel sessions using DBMS_ALERT and DBMS_PIPE Call external procedures through Oracle Net Services and PL/SQL wrappers Integrate internal and server-side Java class libraries using Oracle JVM Develop robust Web applications using PL/SQL Gateway and Web Toolkit.

Oracle Books Oracle Database 11g DBA Handbook [Kindle Edition]
By: Bob Bryla
Electronic: 670 pages (December 6, 2007)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

The Essential Resource for Oracle DBAs--Fully Updated and Expanded. Manage a flexible, highly available Oracle database with help from the expert information contained in this exclusive Oracle Press guide. Fully revised to cover every new feature and utility, Oracle Database 11g DBA Handbook shows how to perform a new installation, upgrade from previous versions, configure hardware and software for maximum efficiency, and employ bulletproof security. You will learn to automate the backup and rec overy process, provide transparent failover capability, audit and tune performance, and distribute your enterprise databases with Oracle Net. Plan and deploy permanent, temporary, and bigfile tablespaces. Optimize disk allocation, CPU usage, I/O throughput, and SQL queries. Develop powerful database management applications. Guard against human errors using Oracle Flashback and Oracle Automatic Undo Management. Diagnose and tune system performance using Oracle Automatic Workload Repository and SQ L Tuning Sets. Implement robust security using authentication, authorization, fine-grained auditing, and fine-grained access control. Maintain high availability using Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Active Data Guard. Respond more efficiently to failure scenarios by leveraging the Oracle Automatic Diagnostic Repository and the Oracle Repair Advisor. Back up and restore tables, tablespaces, and databases with Oracle Recovery Manager and Oracle Data Pump Export and Import. Work with ne tworked databases, data warehouses, and VLDBs. Put the latest Oracle Database 11g tools to work--Oracle Total Recall, Oracle Flashback Data Archive, and more.

Oracle Books Oracle Database 11g: New Features for DBAs and Developers [Kindle Edition]
By: Sam R. Alapati
Electronic: 602 pages (November 15, 2007)

This is an amazingly comprehensive and detailed book about the new features of the Oracle 11g edition. I'm very surprised that the authors could publish this big a book (over 600 pages) on just the new features of the Oracle 11g database so soon after Oracle Open World in November.

Oracle Books Oracle Automatic Storage Management: Under-the-Hood & Practical Deployment Guide [Kindle Edition]
By: Nitin Vengurlekar
Electronic: 340 pages (November 5, 2007)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Build and manage a scalable storage infrastructure with Oracle Automatic Storage Management. Streamline data management and provisioning using Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) and the detailed information contained in this exclusive Oracle Press resource, written by a team of database experts. Oracle Automatic Storage Management: Under-the-Hood & Practical Deployment Guide explains how to build and maintain a dynamic, highly available Oracle database storage environment. Ins ide, you'll learn how to configure storage for Oracle ASM, build disk groups, use data striping and mirroring, and optimize performance.

Oracle Books Oracle Database 11g New Features [Kindle Edition]
By: Robert G. Freeman
Electronic: 362 pages (November 5, 2007)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Your Must-Have Guide to Everything New in Oracle Database 11g. Realize the full potential of Oracle Database 11g with help from the experts. Robert G. Freeman, and with insightful commentary throughout from Arup Nanda, this Oracle Press guide offers full details on the architectural changes, database administration upgrades, availability and recovery revisions, security enhancements, and programming innovations. Every new and updated feature is covered and presented with screenshots, code sample s, tables, and charts. Find out how to take full advantage of all the new and improved capabilities of Oracle Database 11g, including New Oracle Automatic Storage Management features, such as Fast Disk Resync, Compatibility Attributes, Preferred Mirror Read, and Rolling Upgrade components. Improved Automated Memory Management capabilities. New database design features, such as virtual columns, tablespace encryption, and true table-level data compression. New Database Advisors for data recovery a nd repair, partitioning, and streams performance. New tuning features, such as Automatic SQL Tuning and SQL Performance Analyzer. Enhancements to Oracle RMAN, including active database duplication and UNDO backup optimization. Improved auditing and security capabilities. Advanced BI, data warehousing, and partitioning features New SQL and PL/SQL enhancements.

Oracle Books Oracle Database 11g SQL [Kindle Edition]
By: Jason Price
Electronic: 656 pages (November 5, 2007)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Write powerful SQL statements and PL/SQL programs. Learn to access Oracle databases through SQL statements and construct PL/SQL programs with guidance from Oracle expert, Jason Price. Published by Oracle Press, Oracle Database 11g SQL explains how to retrieve and modify database information, use SQL Plus and SQL Developer, work with database objects, write PL/SQL programs, and much more. Inside, you'll find in-depth coverage of the very latest SQL features and tools, performance optimization tec hniques, advanced queries, Java support, and XML. This book contains everything you need to master SQL. Explore SQL Plus and SQL Developer. Use SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. Write PL/SQL programs. Create tables, sequences, indexes, views, and triggers. Write advanced queries containing complex analytical functions. Create database objects and collections to handle abstract data. Use large objects to handle multimedia files containing music and movies. Write Java programs to access an Oracle Database using JDBC. Tune your SQL statements to make them execute faster. Explore the XML capabilities of the Oracle Database. Master the very latest Oracle Database 11g features, such as PIVOT and UNPIVOT, flashback archives, and much more.

Oracle Books Pro Oracle Spatial for Oracle Database 11g [Kindle Edition]
By: Ravikanth V. Kothuri
Electronic: 824 pages (October 29, 2007)

Pro Oracle Spatial for Oracle Database 11g shows how to take advantage of Oracle Databases built–in feature set for working with location–based data. A great deal of the information used in business today is associated with location in some way, and analysis of that data is becoming ever more important in todays mobile and highly connected world.

Oracle Books Oracle Application Server Portal Handbook [Kindle Edition]
By: Chris Ostrowski
Electronic: 597 pages (July 23, 2007)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

The Ultimate Oracle Application Server Portal Resource. Build dynamic, feature-rich enterprise portals using Oracle Application Server Portal and the expert information in this exclusive Oracle Press guide. You'll learn how to maximize the capabilities of Oracle Application Server Portal, customize your portals, integrate Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports, and add Java functionality. Oracle Application Server Portal Handbook covers all of the design, management, and security features available in Oracle Application Server Portal 10.1.4 alongside real-world solutions. Take full advantage of the built-in tools and wizards. Create rich end-user experiences quickly and easily. Customize pages and maintain site-wide consistency using HTML templates. Incorporate data from disparate formats using Oracle Application Server Portal's content management features. Build pages using OmniPortlet and the Web clipping studio. Write portlets with Java and Oracle JDeveloper. Implement SOA-based applicatio ns to connect business processes. Administer, tune, and secure Oracle Application Server Portal. Integrate Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, and Oracle Discoverer workbooks

Oracle Books Oracle 11i E-Business Suite from the Front Lines [Kindle Edition]
By: April J. Wells
Electronic: 504 pages (April 16, 2007)
Taylor & Francis

Oracle 11i E-Business Suite from the Front Lines is the first book to compile the tips, techniques, and practical advice for administering Oracle E-Business Suite 11i. The author examines Active Directory Utilities, patching, cloning, and the new features that 11i brings to the market. The book benefits those with limited experience with Oracle Application but with more extensive background in Oracle Database Administration. This volume is valuable to systems administrators or DBAs who have expe rience with older versions of Oracle Financials and want to expand their knowledge to include the changes inherent in 11i.

Oracle Books Oracle Internals Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for DBAs [Kindle Edition]
By: Donald K. Burleson
Electronic: 896 pages (April 16, 2007)
Taylor & Francis

This book is a collection of the best most relevant articles published in Oracle Internals, Auerbach Publications' newsletter for Oracle database administrators. Edited by Oracle guru Don Burleson, it provides the type of in-depth, highly technical information only available from peers and consultants. Unlike existing tutorials, this book focuses on the truly tough stuff - techniques learned and used in the trenches.

Oracle Books Physical Database Design Using Oracle [Kindle Edition]
By: Donald Burleson
Electronic: 264 pages (May 14, 2007)
Taylor & Francis

Physical Database Design Using Oracle correlates logical data models with the physical implementation structures that Oracle provides. It allows students to learn how to take logical data models and convert them into a series of data structures that permit fast and easy logical access to data. This textbook is targeted at undergraduate and graduate IS students studying to become the Oracle professionals of the near future. It is expected that they already have exposure to basic Oracle database a dministration. The expert guidance provided by this textbook provides the insight needed to choose appropriate physical models for mission-critical applications.

Oracle Books Oracle Collaboration Suite Handbook [Kindle Edition]
By: Ron Zapar
Electronic: 417 pages (February 27, 2007)
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (Oracle Press)

Maximize the Capabilities of Oracle Collaboration Suite Facilitate enterprisewide communication, data sharing, and team work using Oracle Collaboration Suite 10 and the in-depth information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle Collaboration Suite Handbook explains how to install, implement, manage, and optimize the suite in an enterprise environment. You'll discover how you can use this powerful tool to securely, reliably, and cost-effectively enable real-time collaboration, streamline business processes, simplify data distribution, and consolidate corporate information. Tailor a system-specific Oracle Collaboration Suite environment Install the Infrastructure Tier, Datastore Tier, and Applications Tier Perform successful migrations to Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Create, manage, monitor, and delete user accounts with provisioning Control processes, components, and subcomponents from the command line and the Enterprise Manager Browser interface Perform reliable full and par tial database backups and restores Monitor, analyze, and act on system log files Administer applications, application components, and program functionality Manipulate unstructured data using intelligent containers and Oracle Content Services.

Oracle Books The Oracle Hacker's Handbook: Hacking and Defending Oracle [Kindle Edition]
By: David Litchfield
Electronic: 190 pages (January 30, 2007)

David Litchfield has devoted years to relentlessly searching out the flaws in the Oracle database system and creating defenses against them. Now he offers you his complete arsenal to assess and defend your own Oracle systems. This in-depth guide explores every technique and tool used by black hat hackers to invade and compromise Oracle and then it shows you how to find the weak spots and defend them. Without that knowledge, you have little chance of keeping your databases truly secure.

Oracle Books Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications [Kindle Edition]
By: Lynne Dunckley
Electronic: 520 pages (November 21, 2006)
Digital Press

Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications is focused squarely on database administrators and programmers as the foundation of multimedia database applications. With the release of Oracle8 Database in 1997, Oracle became the first commercial database with integrated multimedia technology for application developers. Since that time, Oracle has enhanced and extended these features to include native support for image, audio, video and streaming media storage; indexing, retrieval and processing i n the Oracle Database, Application Server; and development tools. Databases are not only words and numbers for accountants, but they also should utilize a full range of media to satisfy customer needs, from race car engineers, to manufacturing processes to security. The full range of audio, video and integration of media into databases is mission critical to these applications. This book details the most recent features in Oracles multimedia technology including those of the Oracle10gR2 Databas e and the Oracle9i Application Server. The technology covered includes: object relational media storage and services within the database, middle tier application development interfaces, wireless delivery mechanisms, and Java-based tools.